Axis Bio can offer a range of post-study analyses of tissue samples to assess safety and target engagement. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete Blood Counts and Blood Chemistry Assessment – we use Idexx apparatus to carry out complete blood counts and clinical chemistry analysis using validated or client-specific parameters.
  • ELISA/Western blotting – to confirm target engagement/mechanism of action we can quantify protein expression using ELISA or western blotting. We have a wide range of pre-validated antibodies and experimental conditions but can also validate novel targets.
  • Real TimePCR – we use Roche apparatus to quantify RNA/DNA using SYBR Green or Taqman technology.
  • FACS – we can assess cell cycle, apoptosis and immune cell sub-populations alongside protein expression to confirm target engagement/mechanism of action.
  • Histology – Our in-house team can carry out basic histology staining of tissue or we have a range of validated stains for IHC and IF, along with digital quantification of data.

Fold Change  - Post Study Analysis

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